Gima-ha Shotokan-ryu is established by Gima Makoto ( 儀間 真謹) (also known as Gima Shinkin) in the year 1956 in Japan. Gima-ha Shotokan-ryu have now established worldwide with talented and experienced instructors those who competed and won at the provincial and national level; the World Karate Championships and Pan-American games with large number of students.

Since Gima Makoto was assistant Instructor for Gichin Funakoshy and played the major role in helping Gichin Funakoshy for formation of shtokan karate and spreading throughout Japan and worldwide, he is followed and teaches the original traditional shotokan karate. After death of Hansi Gima Makoto in 1989, one among his eminent senior instructors shihan Mitsunori Kobayashi is followed Hansi Gima Makoto,and led “Gima-ha Shotokan-Ryu Karate-Do Kobukai”.

Mitsunori Kobayashi ( 9th dan black belt) attended Meiji University and graduated with a master’s degree from Otani University. Shihan Kobayashi is an alderman in the Japanese city of Ojiya and is Buddhist priest of Jyosho-Ji.

Our Features

Private classes are one-to-one (instructor-to-student), personalised classes, that accelerate your learning.

Group classes are great for working out. Train and practise with others to increase your fitness, flexibility and confidence.

We can design classes or courses for your company/club/association or group – just call or email with your requirements.

The Fighting Fitness Program, Weapons (Nun chaku, Sai, Tonkfa, Samurai, bow) Training, The Black Belt Program and The Leadership Program.

We have qualified and trained instructors with flexible class timings.

Our curriculum is designed to allow young students reach their full potential.

The relaxed family atmosphere allows for adults as well as children to train in a streamlined way.

Our kids karate program will develop values in your child that helps them do better in school, in life and at home.

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New Membership

We are always welcoming new members to the Organisation.

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Trainning Centers

We have qualified and trained instructors with flexible class timings.

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Grading Test and Requirements

Students must have attended a set amount of sessions since their last grading period

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Events & Tournaments

Several tournaments are held throughout the year where students can participate.

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  • Please have a look at our website and then visit a club link to find the Gima-ha dojo that is most convenient for you or, contact us by e-mail. For more information on membership, click here.